Milford House Museum



The room now looks rather bare. It originally had four fixed bookcases which were removed by the Manor House Special Case Hospital who also painted much of the mahogany woodwork in this room white.The fireplace surround  in this room was painted white in the photograph below. It was actually mahogany andv painted white along with rest of woodwork  by Manor House Special Care Hospital - it was . It was removed by Armagh Council in 1996 and put in Armagh Gaol for safekeeping- from where it was stolen.

The room also contains ceiling cornice by Rudloph Steiner. The lighting effect in this room would originally have been even more daunting to visitors with a chandelier hanging from the central ceiling rose surrounded by drop lights hanging from the surrounding cornice.

The 1940 inventory of Manor House School lists the contents as:

2 tables, 9 chairs, 3easy chairs, 1 lloyd loom chair, steps, blackboard, easel, cardtable, wireless, gramophone, 1drop light, 1bulb, 1 bowl, 4bookcases (fixed), rug, fender, fire irons, 1 picute, 2silver cups, 6 curtains, 1 waste paper basket



Fireplace 1996. Photographed by Armagh City and District Council prior to removal to Armagh Goal, from where it was later stolen. Manor House Special care painted the mahogany surround white.

Library ceiling March 2002

Library ceiling 2010