Milford House Museum


Housekeeper's Room

This room of the ground floor corridor was the Housekeeper's Room. The Housekeeper at Milford House was Miss Sarah Reilly a cousin of Winston Churchill and of the Leslie's of Castle Leslie. Her father John Reilly had invested heavily in Milford factory and on his death R.G Mc Crum became her guardian and she became the Housekeeper at Milford House. She remained as Housekeeper after his death until 1924 when she went to live in Belfast. She was succeeded as Housekeeper by Mrs. Coates a relative of the Mc Crum family.

Manor House School used this room as Mistress Sitting Room (Teacher's staff room). The 1940 inventory lists contents as:

2 tables, 1 card table, 8 chairs, 3 easy chairs, 1desk, rug, 1mahognay cupboard, 2door locker, 3 door locker and shelves, locker and corner cupboard, fender, fireirons, 1 droplight, 1bulb, 1 sdhade, 2 curtains, 1wastepaper basket.


Please note Milford House and its parkland are in private ownership. They are not owned by Milford Buildings Preservation Trust. There is no public access to the property which is currently one of the top twelve listed buildings at most serious risk in Northern Ireland