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Drawing Room


Postcard  belonging to Eleanor Warnock of The Drawing Room in 1938 when it was the Recreation Room for the Manor House School.

The Drawing Roomis one of the most marvellous rooms in the house. It is part of the extensions to the house which Robert Garmany Mc Crum made in 1880 and the doorway between the Ballroom and Library give an indication of the full thickness of the walls. The original contents of this room included the rosewood grand piano made by John Brinsmead, a French Marqueterie cabinet and antique Dutch inlaid cabinet.

It served as the Recreation Room for the Manor House School. The window seat white bookcase at side of fireplace in the bay window was added by them in 1936.

There were four chandeliers in this room each which were later removed by the Manor House Hospital. The two matching chimney pieces in this room were stolen in the 1990s but there are 1930s and 1940s photographs of the room which show them that are now in the Milford House Museum collections.

The parquet floor in this room is exceptional highlighted with a border inlaid in a red coloured wood. The bay window was noted for its curved glass panes.

Please note Milford House and its parkland are in private ownership. They are not owned by Milford Buildings Preservation Trust.Tthere is no public access to the property which is currently one of the top twelve listed buildings at most serious risk in Northern Ireland

Classroom in the Drawing Room. Photographed by Allison in 1940.

Below the Drawing Room as it appeared in November 2010