Milford House Museum


Domestic Quarters

The close proximity of the rooms occupied by staff in relation to the bedrooms in the main house has been noted by architects as very unusual. Rather than banishing the servants to the attic (where there are in fact no rooms) servants were provided with sleeping quarters and only a door separated the bedroom corridor from the domestic rooms. This is an indication of the respect and high regard the Robert Garmany Mc Crum had for his servants . The family had a large domestic staff, although only a few servants lived in. Many lived nearby and when the family were entertaining Miss Reilly the housekeeper would recruit factory workers and women from nearby farms to work at the house for such events.

In the time of the Manor House School the cupboard served as the tuck shop and the school secretary occupied an office in this part of the house.

Today much of the corridor in the domestic quarters has been dug up by thieves trying to steal pipes and copper from the wiring. The fireplaces in the maids bedroom and cooks bedroom were both stolen following the closure of the Manor House Special care Hospital and regretably there is no record of what they looked like.

Please note Milford House and its parkland are in private ownership. They are not owned by Milford Buildings Preservation Trust. There is no public access to the property which is currently one of the top twelve listed buildings at most serious risk in Northern Ireland