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New Milford House Collection

New Milford House Collection

The New Milford House Collection opens in 3 Victoria Street Armagh. After over five years of struggles and setbacks the Milford Buildings Preservation Trust, the governing body of Milford House Collection will open in April in its new home in Victoria Street Armagh.

3 Victoria Street is a B1 listed townhouse built in 1850. Located in the prestigious Mall conservation area of Armagh it is close to other historic landmarks.  Victoria Street was the last home of William McCrum of Milford House after his lost the family fortune in the Wall Street crash of 1929. He is buried in the family grave located further up Victoria Street in St. Mark's The house is close to other prominent buildings associated with the McCrum family of Milford House. William McCrum's townhouse was at Hartford Place on the Mall and further down is the beautiful Charlemont Place which was the Manse of the First Presbyterian Church. It was bought in 1898 by Robert Garmany McCrum of Milford House when his daughter Harriette married Rev. David Miller. She lived there with her husband and four children for many years. The McCrum family established the former Armagh Nurses Home was at St. Mark's Place. Opposite the Mall is the First Presbyterian Church for which the fmaily paid for all the running costs and half the building costs.

Milford Buildings Preservation Trust has undertaken its largest restoration project at 3 Victoria Street to date. The property was a building at risk having been derelict since 2000 and having suffered three burst pipes. Work began in 2016 restoring the house back to its original glory. The house had been used as an architect's office and the Trust restored it back to ts 19th century appearance.

A spokesperson for the Trust said:

"The Trust is delighted to be opening in 3 Victoria Street Armagh. This is part of a major project to secure the long term future of Milford House Collection. Over the next five years the Trust will undertake a major programme of collection development and ugrading of visitor services. We will play a key role in the Tourism and Heritage industry of Northern Ireland. The heritage of Milford House is world famous and this provides a suitable venue to secure its future. We understand that many people will feel we should not have left Milford village but  the Trust had no choice. We have endured horrendous obstacles to save the collections and heritage of Milford House. Victoria Street will bring the story of Milford House and our work to save it to a much wider audience. We are not abandoning the fight to save Milford House. On the contrary we will never give up and this is an important step making the heritage of Milford House fully accessible an providing an enjoyable day out. Restoration of 3 Victoria Street is the Trust's biggest restoration project to date and is part of the expanding work of the Trust to save built and natural heritage at risk".

Visitors can see conservation in action with the ongoing restoration of the property. Milford House Collection opens in April 2017 by arrangement. Please contact Trust for details.