Milford House Museum


Welcome to Milford House

Milford House was once the talk of 19th century Ireland the wonder of its age and Milford linen was known throughout the world. Today the factory is gone, Milford House derelict and is one of the top twelve listed buildings at risk in Northern Ireland, but this doesnt mean it has been forgotten about. Now thanks to the dedicated work of the Milford Buildings Preservation Trust, Milford is once again world famous and the Mc Crum family legacy is being recognized as being of national importance. The village is known world wide as the home of the penalty kick and Milford House is taking its right. place as one of the great historic houses of Europe.

The Milford House Museum collections began in 2004 with three black bags given to Mary Lester by Miss Joan Wilson a teacher at the Manor House School. They contained hundreds of Manor House School photographs with no names or dates on them and Mary and I had the mammoth task of trying to find names and dates for them all. The collection continued to grow and following a highly successful exhibition in The Old Schoolhouse in August 2005 the collection was put into storage. It grew to such a size that for the next three years Stephen had to sleep on the sofa while the collection was stored in his bedroom. In 2007 the Trust approached the owners of the Milford House Gate Lodge who kindly agreed to let the Trust have the building on a caretaker's agreement. The building was in a terrible state and over the next three years the Trust undertook a continuous programme of restoration. This was made possible through the support of local businesses and the exceptional generousity of the past pupils of the Manor House School (without their support the museum would never have started). Sadly in September 2009 the Trust had to leave the Gate Lodge as the caretaker's agreement had ended and the owners were unwilling to sell or lease the building long term to the Trust. Although the Trust was heartbroken to leave it is a testament to the restoration work undertaken that the Milford House Gate Lodge was declared a B1 listed building in 2009.

It seemed like the collections would never find a new home but thanks the exceeding support of a benefactor and a small grant from Invest NI the Trust was able to acquire no.57 William Street and the Museum was opened by Rev. John Miller and Captain Antony Mc Crum R.N (retired) two great grandsons of R.G Mc Crum. Thanks to the marvellous generousity of the Mc Crum and Miller family and all those wonderful past pupils of the Manor House School so many things have rightfully returned to Milford. In February 2012 the Trust was gifted the magnificent collection of furniture and timepieces from Somerset House London by HM Revenue & Costumes.

It gives all of us at the Trust great pleasure to welcome you to the Milford House Musuem at no.57 William Street where you will learn about the extraordinary history of Milford House and village, the Mc Crum family that lived here, and their legacy.

On behalf of the Trustees

Stephen Mc Manus
Keeper of Collections Milford House Museum
Secretary Milford Buildings Preservation Trust