Milford House Museum


Bedroom (33)

In the time of the Manor House School this bedroom was called Scone Dormitory.

This bedroom is noted for the domed turret in the corner of the room. The windows were noted for their curved glass panes (now smashed) and the small curved cast iron radiators (which have been stolen). The fireplace in this bedroom was among those removed by Armagh City and District Council in 1996 and stored in Armagh Gaol from where it was stolen.

The original plumbed in washstand has disappeared and the replacement one installed by the Manor House Hospital has also been destroyed.

Please note Milford House and its parkland are in private ownership. They are not owned by Milford Buildings Preservation Trust. There is no public access to the property which is currently one of the top twelve listed buildings at most serious risk in Northern Ireland

Fireplace in Bedroom (33) photographed in 1996 prior to removal by Armagh  City and District Council. Put in storage in Armagh Goal from where it was later stolen.

Curved glass window outside Bedroom (33) photographed in March 2002. Milford Buildings Preservation Trust pleaded with owners to cover windows to protect glass. They did not and windows were later smashed.

Below photographs of windows with curved glass smashed in  Bedroom. Photographed in October 2006. 

Photographs of bedroom in October 2010