Milford House Museum


Back Staircase

The Back staircase and this part of the house was used by domestic staff. There is a doorway which seperates the corridors in the main house from the kitchens and domestic offices. A staircase leads to the cellars. There is an wooden gate (now lying elsewhere in the house) to stop anyone falling down down the steps to the cellar. The railing for the cellar steps are ornate cast iron and have been broken off by vandals as have the railings on the back staircase (although these railings are wooden).

During the time of the Manor House School seventy girls had to use this staircase while about ten members of staff used the front staircase.

Please note Milford House and its parkland are in private ownership. They are not owned by Milford Buildings Preservation Trust.Tthere is no public access to the property which is currently one of the top twelve listed buildings at most serious risk in Northern Ireland