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Milford House was once the talk of 19th century Ireland the wonder of its age and Milford linen was known throughout the world. Today  the factory is gone, Milford House derelict and is one of the top twelve listed buildings at risk in Northern Ireland, but this doesnt mean it has been forgotten about. Now thanks to the dedicated work of the  Milford Buildings Preservation Trust...

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"Mass kidnappings, inventions that revolutionized the worlds of business and sport, letters to and from Stalin, if theres a building in Ireland with a more fascinating history than Milford House, just outside Armagh I'd be surprised"
Gordon Adair, BBC Newsline

Milford Cutting Wildlife Reserve

Milford Cutting Wildlife Reserve

Visitors to Milford should also visit the Milford Cutting Nature Reserve which is one of the village's hidden gems. This was the Milford railway line which Robert Gramny Mc Crum paid £3,000 to extend to Milford and was opened in 1909 as part of the Armagh City to Castleblaney Great Northern Railwayline. The line closed in 1957. The platform is 349 feet long which makes it the longest platform of any on the G.N.R line. The bridge over the Callan River can also be seen.  The nature reserve was established in 1978 by the Department of the Environment. Since 1982 it has been managed under the Ulster Wildlife Reserve with continued Support from Armagh Wildlife Society.

Milford Cuttings is a must for railway enthusiasts and wildlife enthusiasts. It is home to a number of important wildlife and plantlife:


 In July the banks are covered with orchids which include the rare marsh helieborine which is protected by law due to its rarity

Irish Whitebeam

The Irish Whitebeam is quite a specialist tree, as it is only found on the  island of Ireland in mountainous habitat. Milford Cutting has one of the largest populations of Irish Whitebeam in Ireland.


There are 18 different species of butterflies in Milford Cutting which include the small tortoiseshell, orange tip, green veined white, red admiral, painted lady, speckled wood and the impressive silver washed fritilary.

Wildlife Corridor

The reserve is  a great wildlife corridor, largely unaffected by surrounding intensive agriculture and is a safe haven for mammals and birds to live in and move through. Bird species include sparrowhawks, buzzards, willow warblers, chaffinches, grey herons and great, blue, coal and long tailed tits.

Getting there: The Milford Cutting can be accessed of the Ballyards Road on the left side at end of Old Mill Court, walk up the pathway past the Milford cricket. Entrance is through two kissing gates.

No. 3 Victoria Street Armagh - Milford House Collection



Built in 1850 this handsome townhouse is located in Victoria Street in the prestigious Armagh City, where William McCrum of Milford House spent his last days in poverty in a boarding house. A tour of this elegant house reveals the fascinating world of Milford House. The elegant interiors evoke the family tastes, artworks and personal possessions from Milford House and their extraordinary achievements. While the possessions of girls who attended Manor House School at Milford House reveal wonderful tales including mass kidnappings  and even a famous actress! Now as Milford Buildings Preservation Trust breathes new life into the house it is once again a marvel. We hope you enjoy your visit.



Milford House Collection will reopen on for 2019 season on Saturday 4th April. 2.00pm -6.00pm Tickets can be purchased at main house or booked in advance. 

Browse our second hand bookshop and enjoy a relaxing day out for all  the family


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Milford Buildings Preservation Trust is an independent charity and receives no government funding.

Please consider adding a donation when you buy your ticket. If your a UK taxpayer we can claim tax claim Tax back from the government at no cost to you.


Mother's Day Afternoon Tea

Sunday 22nd March

Enjoy delicious Afternoon Tea on Mother's Day in our elegant Dining Room surrounded by family portraits. Followed by a special house tour led by our curator Stephen McManus uncovering the stories of the women who lived at Milford House. From Harriette McCrum to the girls who lived there when it was a school in twentieth century.

Eventbrite - Mother's Day Afternoon Tea at Milford House



Milford Buildings Preservation Trust is an independent charity an independent charity. 

The restoration and representation of Milford House Collection has been made possible by  

Stephen McManus, the past pupils of the Manor House School and other generous donors

Milford House Timeline