Milford House Museum



Crumb Tray

Silver crumb tray with mother of pearl handle used by servants at Milford House to remove crumbs from tea table. The brush may not be the original one but it is the one that Peggy Miller always used with the crumb tray. Donated by Rev. John William Mc Crum Miller and Mrs. Joan Miller

Brandy Glasses

Set of six Tyrone brandy glasses given as part of a large set of Tyrone crystal which was a retirement present to William Mc Crum Miller from his colleagues. William Miller was Resident Magistrate for Omagh Co. Tyrone and a son of Rev. David Miller and Mrs. Harriette Miller (daughter of R.G Mc Crum of Milford House). Donated by his son the Rev. John.W Mc Crum Miller and his wife Mrs. Joan Miller.

Wedding dresses of Audrey Drury & Anne Doreatha Marjorie Collins

The wedding dress (right) of Anne Doreatha Marjorie Collins  known as Peggy (1902-1991) was worn on the occasion of her marriage to William Mc Crum Miller R.M on August 15th 1931. William was the son of the Rev. David and Mrs. Harriette Miller of Drumsill House Armagh and a grandson of Robert Garmany Mc Crum of Milford. Peggy wore the dress on her 50th wedding anniversary. Donated by thier son the Rev. J.W Mc Crum Miller and his wife Mrs. Joan Miller

The gold couture wedding dress (left) is that of Audrey Drury who married J.D Collins (a brother of Peggy Miller) in Shrilanka in c.1936. J.D Collins was a government attache there and was later awarded an OBE. Audrey's family were wealthy tea importers from Shrilanka so she could afford a couture wedding dress. Donated by her niece Miss Margaret Miller.