Milford House Museum


The Pavilion




The Pavilion is one of the most delightful follies in the grounds of Milford House and much treasured by many. It is huge importance both historically and architecturally in terms of its connection with Milford House. Constructed as Tennis Pavilion in the period 1880-1899, it first appears on records valuation records in 1904 with one large room at front and a smaller room at the back. The Pavilion and was used as a summerhouse. during William Mc Crum’s (1865-1932) time it was used as a scout hut and Sammy Mc Kane often played the Stradivarius violin here. The original colour scheme of the exterior woodwork was a mixture of green and white.

In the time of the Manor House School the front room was used as a classroom where the girls would have written their letters on a Sunday and taken them up to the front of the glass for the teacher to read and check for grammar. The back room was known as 'The Den' a class room for senior pupils.

The building has changed little structurally from the days of the Mc Crum family. The front room still retains the original barrel vaulted ceiling. Behind this room is central corridor with a rear entrance. There is a room on the left and three smaller rooms on the right. The Manor House Special Care Hospital replaced the original slates and removed the tall chimney stack from the back building. The current owners of Milford House have used the building as an animal shed for sheep and horses. In August 2011 the front room of the Pavilion was used as tea rooms as part of the Milford Fun Day. Sadly one of the five pairs of front doors is now missing. Prior to the interior of the front room being painted white in the summer of 2011, the paint had peeled back to show traces that the walls were originally painted a dark red/purple colour. There were originally five sets of glazed doors on the front of the building of which four sets remain intact. The central pair of doors was torn of by vandals and were lying in the grounds of Milford House until summer of 2011 and have now disappeared.

The Pavilion was cleaned up for a Fun Day in August 2011 and used as tea rooms. Perspex replaced the broken glass on the doors. Sadly the central doors were not reinstated. It was heartending to see the Pavilion cleaned up. However for the Christmas event of 2012 the owners subivided the inside front room into two rooms and have erected an uglybrick fireplace against the right wall. Sadly this has damaged the intergity of the building and meant damage tooriginal architectural features including the chair rail. The back door and windows to the side and back of the Pavilion remain bricked up.