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This is furnished based on the 1930 auction inventory of one of the servants bedrooms. The brass and iron bed is by Maple & Co. belonged to HRH Prince Edward Duke of Kent. There were four servants bedrooms and a bedroom for the housekeeper (with walnut bedroom suite in it). The rooms continued to be used as servants bedrooms during the time of Manor House School while the housekeeper's bedroom became Tara Dormitory.


The trunks belonged to Mary Lester and Sarah McCaherty who attended the school in the 1950s and there are various items belonging to past pupils includig a cloak worn by Anne Napier Chavasse. She was very naughty- used to swing down the drainpipe from the San (stables dormitory). Hide her dress in the bushes and hitch hike it to dances in Monaghan! The Headmistress Mrs. Killen made her head girl in the home she would be behave. Alas it didn't work.

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