Milford House Museum



School visits

Milford House Collection at no.3 Victoria Street Armagh is is a perfect example of the extraordinary innovative achievements in the Victorian period of the Mc Crum family one of Ireland's premier linen manufacturing dynasties withing Northern Ireland. Conventional and costumed tours (where children meet actors in authentic Victorian costumes portraying a member of their family and servants). Please contact us for details of this or and of other educational programmes available.

Primary schools - costumed tours

Primary led tours can be delivered by costumed actors playing the role of members of the Mc Crum family, their servants or people from Milford village.  Facilties for packed lunches available in the house. There is a village playpark nearby which children might also like to visit Year 1 - Homes from the past

Bring along your Year 1 pupils to discover exactly how their homes differ from those of previous times and what such differences mean for everyday living. Particular focus is given to the functions of different rooms and the lives of children. Conventional and costumed tours by actors available.

Years 2 - 5 - The Victorians & Education from the past

Whether you are beginning to look at the Victorian period with your class or are interested in how education from the past, Milford House Museum to put your teaching in context. Tours bring to life the Victorian period, inventions of the Mc Crum family and how education was different in the mid twentieth century at the Manor House School.

Please contact us on 02837525467 for detail or email us on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Milford National School c.1890. The teachers are Mr. Todd and Miss Hamilton