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Milford House was once the talk of 19th century Ireland the wonder of its age and Milford linen was known throughout the world. Today  the factory is gone, Milford House derelict and is one of the top twelve listed buildings at risk in Northern Ireland, but this doesnt mean it has been forgotten about. Now thanks to the dedicated work of the  Milford Buildings Preservation Trust...

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"Mass kidnappings, inventions that revolutionized the worlds of business and sport, letters to and from Stalin, if theres a building in Ireland with a more fascinating history than Milford House, just outside Armagh I'd be surprised"
Gordon Adair, BBC Newsline

EHOD 2014

Join us on European Open Heritage Weekend on Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th September 2014 at Milford House Museum. FREE guided house tours of 57 William Street on Saturday from 10.00am to 6pm and on Sunday 14th September from 12-6pm. Our guides will be dressed in genuine costumes from the Edwardian period. Discover the world of Milford House, 19th century's Ireland's most technologically advanced house from the days of the extraordinary Mc Crum family and the Manor House School right up to present day.

To celebrate this year's EOHD we are having two small exhibitions to commemorate the begiinning of World War I and to celebrate centenary of R.G Mc Crum Institute whic opened in September 1914. The R.G Mc Crum Institute cost £3,000 and was built by Robert Garmany Mc Crum of Milford House and and he gifted the building to the people of Milford. When it opened it had the most modern cinema in Ireland and the ballroom is larger than that of old Armagh City Hall- Glenn Miller performed there secretly during the Second World War. Many people enjoyed many happy times there and have fond memories of the Institute. Sadly the Ballroom and Caretaker's house of this B1 listed buidling are now derelcit and on the BHARNI (Built Heritage At Risk Northern Ireland) Register. 

Tea, coffee and refreshments served- donations in aid of Milford Buildings Preservation Trust.

No. 3 Victoria Street Armagh - Milford House Collection



Built in 1850 this handsome townhouse is located in Victoria Street in the prestigious Armagh City, where William McCrum of Milford House spent his last days in poverty in a boarding house. A tour of this elegant house reveals the fascinating world of Milford House. The elegant interiors evoke the family tastes, artworks and personal possessions from Milford House and their extraordinary achievements. While the possessions of girls who attended Manor House School at Milford House reveal wonderful tales including mass kidnappings  and even a famous actress! Now as Milford Buildings Preservation Trust breathes new life into the house it is once again a marvel. We hope you enjoy your visit.


Easter opening hours: Open Saturday 31st March 2.00 - 6.00pm

                                        Closed Easter Sunday and Monday

Milford House Collection will reopen on for 2018 season on April 7th. Tickets can be purchased at main house or booked in advance. 

Browse our second hand bookshop and enjoy a relaxing day out for all  the family

To mark the centenary of Women gaining the right to vote we celebrate the women who made it possible. Discover the fascinating story of Harriette McCrum a founding member of the Women's Sufferage Movement in Ireland and her friendship with Millicent Fawcett the leader of the Women's Sufferage Movement. Displays include Harriette McCrum's wedding dress and a magnifying glass that was a present from Millicent Fawcett. Harriette later wrote to Stalin and told him how to run Russia! 


Milford House Timeline